Kids Program:  GUERRILLA JIU-JITSU in Thibodaux 

Next Generation Martial Arts (opened 2016) is Thibodaux’s first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (bjj) academy and offers classes both to kids and adults. 


     Our kids' program focuses on real-life skills, using martial arts as a roadmap to teach practical applications beyond the mat.


     Yes, learning the self defense side of martial arts is a confidence booster for kids. That’s why our curriculum builds the timid child into one capable of handling the various challenges of life.


Learning both self-restraint and control of others builds confidence in your child’s ability to manage his environment effectively.


In modern times of video games and computers, BJJ is a particularly physical martial art that builds kids’ coordination, strength and overall fitness.


The repetition, details, rhythms, rules, and protocols used for class assist in building self discipline.


Kids track their progress and success as they work work up to their next level, their next belt, or that next technique.


BJJ classes help kids focus their mind and body towards learning increasingly complex techniques and strategies.

At Next Generation Martial Arts, your child will learn verbal assertiveness and non-violent techniques to stay safe if physically confronted by a bully. We do NOT teach your child how to fight, punch, or kick their way out of a problem. Instead, we teach them how to defend themselves in a controlled manner should a confrontation arise. Our goal is to equip your child with unwavering confidence and a positive self-image because these tools teach children how to avoid confrontations to begin with. 


     And since Jiu-Jitsu is the art of self-improvement disguised as fighting techniques, we simply use it as a vehicle to teach kids Discipline, Confidence, Leadership, and Self Control.