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Self-defense. Fitness. Confidence.


 Scotty "Breeze" Smith, Jr 

From bullies to keeping your family safe in today's world, let us help you develop the confidence and skills necessary to effectively deal with daily challenges!

GUERRILLA JIU-JITSU. The choice for Self Defense in Thibodaux.

The Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu system is considered one of the most technical, aggressive and effective styles of Jiu-Jitsu in practice today. As a new student, expect to find a friendly, supportive atmosphere where you develop sound fundamentals in martial arts concepts. You will find no better place to train self defense in Thibodaux! For more info about comparing GJJ to BJJ, Krav Maga, Karate, TKD (Tae Kwon Do), and other martial arts, click here...

GUERRILLA JIU-JITSU founder at California headquarters.


Learn more here about Dave Camarillo's GJJ program in Pleasanton, CA.

Sensei Scotty "Breeze" Smith, Jr.
Head GJJ Instructor


Sensei Scotty “Breeze” Smith, Jr studied Tang Soo Do (Karate) for 4 years before he began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA (Current record: 6-0) training at age 22. Since 2008, Scotty has been training under Sensei Ernest “Waffle” Ellender, PhD (2nd degree Black Belt - GJJ) and earned his brown belt in 2013. Scotty’s progression as an instructor is as impressive as his competition record. Together, Sensei "Waffle" and Sensei Scotty built the GJJ Kids' Competition Team at Houma's Evolution Training and have created dozens of state champions since its inception just 4 years ago.


Now Sensei Scotty is offering this refined GJJ program to the residents of Thibodaux! Loved by kids, respected by adults, get started now and learn from one of the most advanced grapplers in Louisiana:


  • LA State Champion 2013

  • MS State Champion

  • FL State Champion

  • AL State Champion


For videos of Scotty's competition performances, click here...

For Scotty's MMA days, click here...

How to get started at GUERRILLA JIU-JITSU of Thibodaux.

It is very easy to start your training martial arts in Thibodaux with us. Simply call 985.860.6201 or enter your info above for us to contact you. You will be invited to either try out a class or meet Sensei Scotty for a consultation in which you, your family, and your children can have all their questions answered. Don't wait any now!



Uniforms and equipment. 


The minimum necessary equipment for training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a gi. The gi is a specialized uniform used in BJJ with reinforced seams, collars, and hems due to the expected wear-and-tear of fellow students constantly gripping and tugging on material. At GJJ of Thibodaux, students purchase our Team Gi, which is a top quality brand with team patches already sewn and embroidered. If taken care of, your Team Gi should last you 2 to 3 years. Students wear regular T-shirts or rash guards under the gi.


Some students use protective knee pads for more aggressive wrestling takedowns. Additionally, some students wear protective mouth pieces. Water or Gatorade is recommended for keeping hydrated!



Call 985.860.6201 now to get started! 


Membership options include month-to-month, 6 month, or 12 month agreements. We offer outstanding martial arts classes in Thibodaux, so we have no need to hide behind mandatory contracts! The longer memberships agreements simply allow for the most cost effective training.



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