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Thibodaux residents represent Next Generation Martial Arts at New Orleans BJJ Championships

Jordan and Jessa Leblanc traveled to the Alerio Center in Westwego on Dec. 2nd, 2023 to compete in the American Grappling Federation's "New Orleans BJJ Championships". Jordan and Jessa represented Next Generation Martial Arts winning a total of four medals, 3 gold and 1 silver.

In one match Jordan landed a beautiful Harai Goshi throw before controlling his opponent on the ground and finishing with a bow and arrow choke. It was a beautiful display of what we aim to teach in our bjj classes and a testament to his consistent training.

Jessa despite seldomly training nogi still found a way to win gold in her division. Our kids jiu jitsu classes do not have a focus on competition. Our primary focus is on self defense classes for kids that build structure, discipline, and respect through martial arts classes; so Jessa's success in competition is an example of her work ethic and focus during training. This young lady has a bright future ahead of her!

Lastly, Jordan AGAIN stepped outside of his comfort zone to compete along side his daughter. Thank you Jordan!

Next Generation Martial Arts wins at New Orleans Bjj Championship
winning at New Orleans Bjj Championship |Next Generation Martial Arts



12.4.23 Next Generation Martial Arts Class Schedule

- 4:30pm Pre-K Martial Arts Class

- 5:15pm Kids Jiu Jitsu Class - promotion day

- 6:30pm Adult Jiu Jitsu Class - closed guard attacks

- 6:30pm Adult Striking Class


Upcoming Events

- Today is Kid Jiu Jitsu Promotions

- Dec 15th is Adult Jiu Jitsu Promotions

- Dec 23rd - Jan 2nd the academy is closed for holiday

- Jan 3rd we resume normal class schedule


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