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Are you looking for a Taekwondo class for kids, specifically Taekwondo in Thibodaux?

Did you know Next Generation Martial Arts offers a Taekwondo class for kids? Next Generation Taekwondo in Thibodaux is a blend of olympic TKD and MMA striking. While wearing a traditional TKD uniform, which we believe to be a huge part of martial arts; we will teach your child the fundamentals of striking. Fundamentals are the base for anything worth doing, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on basics for all of our martial arts programs. If you are looking for a one stop martial arts academy for your child that offers grappling and striking, Next Generation Martial Arts has you covered.

taekwondo class for kids
taekwondo winner kid | Next Generation Martial Arts

View our Next Generation Taekwondo website here


11.28.23 Next Generation Martial Arts in Class schedule:

12:00pm Adult Jiu Jitsu (gi) - head and arm clinch from closed guard

4:30pm Little Kids Taekwondo - heavy focus on round house kicks

5:30pm Big Kids Taekwondo - focus on straight punches and round house kicks

6:30pm Adult Self Defense / Combatives - standing headlock defense and top closed guard basics


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Important Upcoming Dates

- Dec 4th Promotions for Kids Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu (class will begin at 5:15pm)

- Dec 15th Promotions for Adult Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu

- Academy Closed for Holiday Dec 23rd - Jan 2

- Normal Class Schedule Resumes Jan 3


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