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Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes are packed at Next Generation Martial Arts in Thibodaux

Our kids jiu jitsu classes are packed at Next Generation Martial Arts (as you will see in the video below). These kids are working on skills needed in self defense and brazilian jiu jitsu competitions. One reason our growing academy is doing so well is because the kids are having fun, and rewarded for their hard work. They realize training is a challenge but they learn to accept it, overcome it, and develop confidence. We have taught alot of kids martial arts in Thibodaux and surrounding areas, and we continue to refine our curriculum to make it easier for the kids and parents to prepare for such challenges.


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Kids Competition Team training will begin

Tuesday, Jan 16th 2024

Please remember to let our front desk know if your child is interested in competing in Jiu Jitsu or Taekwondo.


12.13.23 Next Generation Martial Arts Class Schedule

- 4:30pm Pre-k Martial Arts Classes

- 5:30pm Kids Jiu Jitsu Classes

- 6:30pm Adult Jiu Jitsu Classes

- 6:30pm Adult Striking


Upcoming Dates

- Friday, Dec. 15th: adult jiu jitsu promotions

- Dec. 23rd Jan 2nd: academy closed for holiday

- Wednesday, Jan 3rd: resume normal schedule

- Monday, Jan 8th: kid's jiu jitsu promotions


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