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Martial Arts in Thibodaux - Pre-K Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Striking

11.8.23 Next Generation Martial Arts in Thibodaux schedule today has Pre-k Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, and Striking classes.


Congratulations to all the kids on the stripe promotions. Also congrats to Gunner Reed on his promotion to Gray/White belt and Liam Gustafson on his promotion to Gray belt.

martial arts class for kids
Nov. 2023 Promotions

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4:30pm Pre-K Martial Arts Class - The kids will be working on the same stance, movement, and strikes from Monday. We will incorporate these fundamentals into an obstacle course.


5:30pm Kids Jiu Jitsu Class - Kids class today will 100% a lot of situational rolling after the warm up.


6:30pm Adult Jiu Jitsu Class - Dr. Josh will be covering his back control attacks in class this evening. This is Josh's favorite position and his rear gi choke is possibly the best in the academy.


6:30pm Adult Striking Class - In striking class tonight we are covering our basics strikes, hi/low attack, and Thanh's Pop Out technique. Class will end with rounds of sparring.



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